Spring 2017

Welcome to another update of Declinegothica, the online portfolio of Birmingham photographer and digital artist, Dave Charsley.

As the new year continues, I have new images with old friends Phoenix Winters and Daisy Chainsaw and new models to Declinegothica Nicole Thompson and Alice Bates.

At the start of the year I had a week free and decided to meet up with the beautiful Daisy Chainsaw. Daisy and I hadn't worked together since last Summer, so it was great to see her and as always we got some fantastic images from the day. We decided to go out and find some really derelict urban locations and create something raw and punk styled and I think we suceeded in finding just that!

Dave Charsley and Daisy Chainsaw - January 2017.

In the middle of March, I had the pleasure of working with three new models to the Declinegothica camp, Alice Bates, Nicole Thompson and male model Brandon. Alice Bates is a well known character in the Midlands rock scene as the Drummer in rock band Aramantus and it was great to get her in the studio to model for me. As usual, I have to give thanks to my friend Dark Lens with helping me with the lighting on this shoot, thanks Daz!

Brandon, Alice Bates, Nicole Thompson and Dave Charsley - "When Day Becomes night" shoot, March 2017.

I'll be back later in the year with more images from Near Miss Di Zaster, Phoenix Winters and my other wonderful team of models.

Dave charsley is represented by Rogue Model Management

New in this issue...

"Edge of the City", "Inocence Forgotten" "Torn Heart", "Human Extinction Three", "Surreal", "We are Nebula", "Shine", "In the Darkest Corner"

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