Autumn 2018

Welcome to another update of Declinegothica, the online portfolio of Birmingham photographer and digital artist, Dave Charsley.

In this Autumn update, you'll find new images with the brilliant models Near Miss Di Zaster, Envii Mi, Vixen Minerva, male model Sweeney DeVille and new models to the team SJAY and Rosie Pacaud.

June's "Synthesis" shoot brought one of Declinegothica's old favourite's Envii Mi, back into the fold. It had been two years since I shot with her and she was a real trooper, stepping in at the last minute for a cancellation. As well as Envii Mi, the team comprised of the lovely Vixen Minerva and a completly new model to the team; Wolverhampton's Sjay. The theme of this shoot was one of dark science fiction and bodies distorted by either tech or organic forces and it was the first studio shoot for my new Nikon D750 camera.

Envii Mi, Dave Charsley, Vixen Minerva and SJAY - "Synthesis" shoot, June 2018

In August I took my new camera out again for a location shoot with a new model called Rosie Pacaud. I'd met Rosie at a gig some weeks earlier and asked her to model for me, as straight away I knew she'd be brilliant! I'm hoping to get Rosie into the studio before the year is out for some more Declinegothica images, so watch this space!

Dave Charsley and Rosie Pacaud - August 2018

I'll be back in the Winter with new images from regular models Phoenix Winters, Vixen Minerva, and more from the new girls Sjay and Rosie Pacaud.

Dave Charsley is represented by Rogue Model Management

New in this issue...

"Scavenger", "Play Date" "Self Restraint", "Stolen Summer" "Black Sun Equation", "Synthesis", "Engine of Creation Two", "Shatter One"

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