New Year 2017

Welcome to another update of Declinegothica, the online portfolio of Birmingham photographer and digital artist, Dave Charsley.

As a new year starts, I have new images with Phoenix Winters, Allouetta La Zouche, Jaxx and male model Dokka Chapman.

In October last year, I got together the team of Burlesque performer Allouetta La Zouche and male model Dokka Chapman, for a post apocalypse shoot called "Human Extinction". I'd met Allouetta La Zouche when she was performing at a Hersey N Heelz show I was photographing at and I knew straight away I needed to get her to a shoot!

Dave Charsley, Allouetta La Zouche and Dokka Chapman - Human Extinction Shoot, October 2016.

At the end of last year's Summer, I got to welcome Phoenix Winters back onto the Declinegothica team, after her maternity leave. It had been a long year without her and our first shoot of 2016 featured all those ideas she’d had floating around while she was pregnant. I’ve got to admit, she hasn’t lost her touch and you can some new images of her in this Winter update of Declinegothica!

"We Are Nebula" with Phoenix Winters.

I'll be back later in the year with more images from Phoenix Winters and my other wonderful team of models.

New in this issue...

"Crimson Queen, Vampire Heart", "Patient Zero" "Sherbet Ghost Two", "Human Extinction Three", "Surreal", "Human Extinction Seven", "Venom", "In the Darkest Corner"

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