Autumn 2017

Welcome to another update of Declinegothica, the online portfolio of Birmingham photographer and digital artist, Dave Charsley.

I'm really excited about this update of Declinegothica, as I've been working with some really talented models and Make-Up artists. You'll find new images with the brilliant models Phoenix Winters, Jayne Le Vex, Erika Hyde, Nicole Thompson and special guest stars, Chloe Ozwell and Sweeney DeVille.

You may have noticed that I've been working with a lot of musicians of late and in June, Phoenix Winters and myself got together with Chloe Ozwell singer with the brilliant band Sister Shotgun and Sweeney DeVille guitarist with the Killbrides. These two might be primarily musicians but they are both fantastic models and I'm really pleased with the results we got from this shoot!

Dave Charsley, Phoenix Winters, Sweeney DeVille and Chloe Ozwell - "Break the Silence" shoot, June 2017.

Some months ago, Phoenix Winters pitched the idea to me of creating some images based on the videos of Maria Brink and her band In This Moment. Specifically, the videos “Sick Like Me” and “Big Bad Wolf”. Well, in July the Declinegothica team met up at Dark Lens Studios in Wolverhampton for I’m sure, my biggest shoot of the year. Make-up artists Joanna Strange and Stephanie Harrison worked like troopers to bring the idea to life and Jayne Le Vex, Erika Hyde and Nicole Thompson were wonderful as the video’s masked dancers. This really was a group effort and I’m so pleased so many talented people would come out and create this with us!

Dave Charsley, Nicole Thompson (Model / MUA), Jordan Quinn, Jayne Le Vex, Joanna Strange (MUA), Phoenix Winters, Stephanie Harrison (MUA) and Erika Hyde - Gods of Media, 4th July 2017.

I'll be back in the Winter with more images Phoenix Winters, Erika Hyde and some images from a Steampunk project I've got upcoming with my old friend Amaryllis.

Dave charsley is represented by Rogue Model Management

New in this issue...

"The Magician's Assistant", "Ace of Spades Two" "Big Bad Wolf", "Mother Earth", "Shall We Play a Game?", "Sick Like Me", "About Face", "The Wicked and Divine"

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