Autumn 2016

Welcome to another update of Declinegothica, the online portfolio of Birmingham photographer and digital artist, Dave Charsley.

I hope everyone had a great Summer, I certainly did! I've had some great photoshoots, been to a mulitude of fantastic gigs and I've just come back from visiting Tasmania for a month and had a brilliant time, loved the place! In this Autumn update of Declinegothica I have new images with Daisy Chainsaw, Near Miss Di Zaster, Jaxx, Elle LeBelle and a new model to the team Stacey Leigh. .

At the end of the Summer, I got to welcome Phoenix Winters back onto the Declinegothica team, after her maternity leave. It had been a long year without her and our first shoot of 2016 featured all those ideas she’d had floating around while she was pregnant. I’ve got to admit, she hasn’t lost her touch and you can expect a wealth of images from this shoot on the Winter update of Declinegothica!

Dave Charsley and Phoenix Winters - August 2016.

This Spring saw the return of the Midland's infamous "Funeral Nation" club, originally held in Dudley but now relocated to the COGS Steampunk bar in Birmingham's city center. It was over ten years ago, when I used to produce the original club's advertisements, so it was nice to work with the team again on some new material and I wish them the best of luck with their new venture!

Poster for "Funeral Nation" Club with model Jayne Le Vex - May 2016.

I'll be back sometime in the Winter with more images from Phoenix Winters and my other wonderful team of models.

New in this issue...

"Mechanoid Two", "Bound and Connected" "Sherbet Ghost Two", "White Wall Two", "Surreal", "One Shot", "Venom", "In the Darkest Corner"

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