Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas to everyone and welcome to another update of Declinegothica, the online portfolio of Birmingham photographer and digital artist, Dave Charsley.

In this Christmas update, you'll find new images with the brilliant models Near Miss Di Zaster, Envii Mi, Vixen Minerva, male model Sweeney DeVille and new models to the team SJAY and Rosie Pacaud.

It's been a long twelve months while my beautiful muse Phoenix Winters has been on maternity leave but she's now back in shape and it was fantastic to get her in the studio with Rosie Pacaud for November's "Resistance" shoot!

Phoenix Winters, Dave Charsley and Rosie Pacaud - "Resistance" shoot, November 2018

On a sombre note, we have sadly lost the beautiful model Roxy Ruin. She had been battling a brain tumour for several years and though she fought bravely, she lost the battle on October 17th 2018. Roxy was an incredible model and helped me with some of my most memorable shoots since we met in 2012. Myself and the whole Declinegothica team will never forget her, her beauty, her talent and her wonderful infectious sense of humour. Roxy Ruin you were a very special lady and the world is poorer without you. RIP ROXY.

Roxy Ruin RIP, you were beautiful inside and out and we'll never forget you.

On a more positive note, I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas break and a really oustanding New Year! I'm looking forward to a outstanding 2019 and I'm planning to share lots of fantastic new images in the upcoming twelve months!

Merry Christmas from Dave Charsley, Phoenix Winters and all the Declinegothica Team!

I'll be back in the New Year with new images from regular model Phoenix Winters and the new girl Rosie Pacaud.

Dave Charsley is represented by Rogue Model Management

New in this issue...

"Scavenger", "Play Date" "Self Restraint", "Stolen Summer" "Black Sun Equation", "Synthesis", "Engine of Creation Two", "Shatter One"

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